I work in the overlapping spaces of design, art, and community. The projects I work on tend to have collaboration at their core, and I like to get deeply involved in the work process.

I have many years’ experience working with artists, architects, galleries, start-ups, NGOs, global brands and independent publishers. And I work most often with people, groups and institutions whose values I share.

As well as design work and consultancy, I have co-founded or co-organized a number of community and art projects; give workshops and lectures around Europe; and write for magazines and journals.

Based between Berlin and Lisbon but with a global client roster, I am always open to discussing new projects, wherever you’re based. So why not say hello.


A longer set of ideas & thoughts on design & collaboration.

Design is my way of entering conversations and discussions in order to solve a particular problem, or improve a situation. Each situation can be seen and approached from many perspectives, design is only one of them. That’s where collaboration enters the process.

Collaboration is integral to how I work, and has led to many long-term relationships. On every project, I like to commit from start to finish — and beyond.  

Collaboration requires integration, the coming together of different views, opinions, concerns, skills and backgrounds – all of which can and should be synthesized into the design process.

Collaboration leads to stronger relationships between people, better and more effective human networks that  create stronger communities, counter isolation, and offer an alternative to the individualism that’s encouraged too often by the technologies and systems that make up our reality.

As a dialogue between different people from different fields, each harnessing different perspectives and tools, collaboration can lead you (much) further than independent work.

As well as working extensively on magazine editorials and book design, I also offer consultancy and advice on every stage in the publishing process: from founding a publication to distributing it, fund-raising to promoting, and beyond.

The more I work, the more my network develops, the more I am able to bring to the process. If needed, I can help us find web developers, illustrators, animators, copywriters, photographers and more.

From a tight group working on a catalogue or visual identity to large-scale social or political gatherings, working together — bringing different skillsets to the table — often produces the most effective results. I’m especially interested in, and open to, projects that have this kind of cooperation at their heart.

My personal projects explore ways of bringing people together — something that’s more vital today than ever.

I approach all my work — from traditional design work to more exploratory personal projects — as research. Every project is an investigation into something bigger than itself. And every project gives me skills and knowledge I can take to future collaborations.

How do people communicate? How do people spread and share their ideas? Their values? Their art? And how can I use my toolset to help or support that sharing?

I don’t necessarily see myself as the expert in these processes, just someone that can contribute her knowledge and bring something to the conversation, alongside other participants, and willing to learn something along the way.

Some things I do

art direction | graphic design | editorial design | publishing consultancy | illustration | typography & lettering | brand identities | design systems | logos | exhibition design | stationary systems | marketing collateral | packaging | web design | UX | lectures | workshops | writing & research | community projects


Maat Museum
Allianz Kulturstiftung
Hamiltonian Gallery
Nansen Magazine
Verlag Antje Kunstmann
Suhrkamp Verlag / Insel Verlag
Fondazione Morra Greco
Citizens for Europe
DIF Magazine
Scriptings / Achim Lengerer
Rudolfo Quintas
Ruth Buchanan

Talks, Lectures & Workshops

with Alexandra Klobouk
FH Anhalt – Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
3–7 June 2019

Poster and Flyer Design
Restart – Instituto de Criatividade, Artes e Novas Tecnologias, Lisboa
February 2019

Making a magazine
IBA Campus 2018 – Hotel Egon, Thüringen
13–15 August 2018

Art Direction & Illustration in Publishing
(and a couple more things...)

Design Akademie Berlin
18 January 2018

Utopia Office (for the Non-Country Builder)
Ellipsis Summer School
11 September 2017

I still don't know what I'm doing
Ciclo Ser Designer
Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon
16 December 2014

Up the Mountain / Subir a Montanha
Conversas XXI–XL
Arquivo 234
6 December 2012

Featured on

It’s Nice That
AIGA Eye on Design
Fonts in Use
Creative Review
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Fonts in Use


Die schönsten deutschen Bücher 2016 (The Most Beautiful German Books)
Green Product Award 2015
Jovens Criadores 2013 


Cityx60: Berlin

'Work in Crisis / Work in Design'
DES/GN: Fbaul

'Generation Y, Contemporary
Portuguese Graphic Design'
Pli* Arte & Design 4