mono.kultur #25: Dave Eggers

Art Direction, Graphic Design

The unusual format of this issue of mono.kultur magazine is an attempt to map the ever expanding universe of North American writer, artist, activist, designer and publisher Dave Eggers.

The result is an A1-sized poster, folded according to a map folding system and presented in mono.kultur's standard size. The folding respects the direction of reading, thus ensuring that the magazine can be comfortably handled and read without having to be completely opened.

A sidebar running parallel to both sides of the poster contains notes providing further explanation to the references Eggers points out throughout the interview. Each of the notes is connected through colour-coded lines to the original reference in the text.

Format: 14,8  × 20 cm; 59,5  ×  89 cm
Technique: Offset print
Year: 2010
Client: mono.kultur

#25 dave eggers 21.jpg
#25 dave eggers 38.jpg