Nansen Magazine – Issue 02

Art Direction, Graphic Design

Nansen is a magazine about migrants of all kinds. Each issue focuses on one migrant, honing in on the minutiae of lives lived away from home – moments all migrants can relate to, and many non-migrants too.

As a result, each issue Nansen adopts a new voice and point of view, slightly adapting to better reflect the personality, energy and experiences of the migrant it gives voice to. Each issue makes use of a new typeface, from cover logo to headlines, focusing on the individuality of its interviewee. It is constant exercise in finding the fine balance between completely reinventing itself and staying faithful to its identity.

Issue 02 focuses on Angolan born Kalaf Epalanga, best known as one of the founding MCs of Buraka Som Sistema, a rambunctious music project that burst out of a Lisbon nightclub and onto the global stage in 2006. The group fused contemporary European electronic dance music with kuduro, a frantic Angolan dance beat developed when Kalaf was growing up there in the 1980s.

But KALAF has also made a name for himself in Lisbon as a writer, becoming a prominent essayist and cultural critic in the Portuguese speaking world. He is on a mission to unify the Portuguese-speaking world, crossing borders drawn up during colonisation to bring the people of his homeland and his chosen home together.

Project: Nansen Magazine
Format: 16,5  ×  24 cm
Year: 2019
Client: Nansen Magazine