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Over Flow – Tadashi Kawamata

Graphic Design

Over Flow is a site-specific installation by Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata for MAAT’s Oval Gallery.

The artist worked with plastic débris found in the coastline of Portugal to build an immersive installation resembling a fictional ecological catastrophe.

The publication designed to accompany the exhibition consists of a 12 page brochure in which each spread grows in size. When closed, the publication simulates the effect suggested by the exhibition’s title – that of the contents extrapolating the limits and boundaries (normally set by the cover size).

The state of impermanence of the installation is replicated in the publication via the lack of binding. Like the collected débris, the spreads work both independently or together. This aspect gives the assemblage a temporary-only configuration. The object feels stable enough but slightly loose and uncomfortable in the hand. It asks to be taken apart, be reassembled in a different sequence, be looked at in a different order than the one suggested.

Project: Over Flow, Tadashi Kawamata
Format: different sizes
Year: 2018
Client: MAAT Museum

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